I have found it helpful to photograph my progress. In many cases it shows where I went too far.

Started on Multimedia white 11x14"

Using ink for under painting

1 grapes2 grapes3 grapes4 grapes

Love C PinkLady

UART 12 x 19” 

Ink underpainting


Haveing a home with a great amount of grass and sun, has giving way to planned gardens with beautiful flowers. Perennials are my chose as I have been able to hobble together many found, donated and purchased plants into a colorful rainbow. 

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Having the winter blues give way to manic manure munching of the flower beds has resulted in some extraordinary peonies this year. I am so glad to be home to see them for these short 2-3 weeks of color. 

 The emergence of life is a reward for hours of communing with the earth and giving thanks for the blessings of life.


The first big flowers to greet me this year were the Magenta tree peony blooms. 

One afternoon I gathered my camera and snapped away. F28D18E8 F2A4 4D80 A696 FDA466421CCD Realizing  that the blooms are fleeting I utilized my iPad Pro and Procreate to capture the feel of joy.


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As the warmer evening beconned me I sat in the front yard and brought brush and ink to paper ( Multi Media white) to tackle a Plein Aire experienice.  Pastel over Ink underpaintings have been exhilarating to me.

The resultant was fun and as sun set I continued to play with  Textures and highlights until the following arrived at my easel.

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 My gorgeous old garden magenta peony arose to full glory next reminding me of my Angel Charlotte Brunell who during a hectic time in my life was there to guide, support, and laugh with. These fragrant blooms had been dormant in her yard do to increasing shade. At 84 she was unable to transplant to a sunnier space. 

My heart took a leap as I knew I could help. Trans planting these beauties for her to witness a renewed life before she passed has always giving me a special feeling as I continue to care and enjoy their perfume and beauty.

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 The following are additional blooms from my garden that  followed the week after.

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 So what does an artist do with a abundance of blooms ??? A Still Life of course. 

73B6DEC1 A776 4121 BE7C 9E981BEBEEF6after 2-3 hours it seemed a dinner appointmeant was calling. So I left at this point of completion

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The Left is a photo of the painting the right is an edited version ( procreate) to remove some distrating elements.

Heading into the studio again and adjusting has resulted in the below, Which at this time I am very pleased with and need to stop before things go arye.

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11x14” UART

Ink Underpainting

wet kitty