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space badgesCopy of space paper work boxThois is the a photo of the various Apollo Access badges, that my father James T. Raleigh had retained since his time working at Bellcome during the Apollo missions 1961 - 1972.  I have been sorting for years and have been selling items on ebay as I continue to investigate. I have many of the items by mission and/or arranged by year (see boxes on shelf).

My father J.T. Raleigh worked with NASA, from 1962-1972, and worked with many of the astronauts and headquarters staff. It is hard to list who and where he met people, Werner Von Brown, Gene Kranz, Roger Chaffee, Buzz Aldrin, etc. As I work through the documents that are from his involvement, many have meeting attendee lists and distribution lists that show astronaut and headquarter (ground crew) personnel. Growing up I did not understand the scope of all trips, projects, meetings, launches, people that we experienced as a family. Mom and myself met many individuals involved with the Apollo missions, and even were present for the launches of Apollo 8, 10, 11, and 15. One of my father's favorite stories was that Buzz Aldrin greeted him by name at his book signing of Men from Earth in NYC in 1989.

Condensed History for ebay **** All my vintage space exploration studies/manuals/internal memos/etc are 100% authentic - straight from the family collection of J.T. Raleigh NASA/ Headquarters engineer from 1962 – 1972 during the Apollo Missions. All items have been boxed for many years. JTR worked with
NASA Headquarters and Contractor teams at Bellcom, Washington DC; Mission Control, Houston Texas; George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), Huntsville AL; Goddard, Greenbelt MD; RCA, Cape Kennedy to design/review various Communication equipment that would ultimately be built and used
on the Apollo Moon landing.

Some of the projects where dad worked with were the LEM Communications panel with Roger Chaffee, and then the LCRU that is located on the Rovers. chafee dad cunningham

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